116th & Shelborne Roundabout

Date: April 5, 2012

The City of Carmel needed to correct the problem of a 280-foot off-set intersection of 116th Street and Shelborne Road. The intersection was the location of frequent traffic accidents, due to the growth in southwest Clay Township, since both roadways were primary traffic arteries.  The intersection was designed within the dedicated right-of-way from adjacent development projects. The 170-foot diameter off-set roundabout was designed for two lanes and traffic in the future, but only a single lane was initially constructed to meet the current traffic volume. The project also included 1,600 linear feet along 116th Street. The remaining portion of Shelborne Road was converted to a 650 linear foot cul-de-sac to maintain driveway access to the existing homes. Curbs and gutters were added, as well as an 8-foot wide multi-use asphalt path to Shelborne Road with a storm sewer system. The roadway was served by a stormwater management system consisting of a dry detention basin and underground pipe storage to control drainage from the roadway. The project required significant design coordination for utility relocation of overhead electric lines, telephone lines, gas main and a 16-inch water main.

Client: City of Carmel

Completion Date: 2007
Construction Cost: $2 million