Anderson Street Streetscape

Date: January 20, 2014

DePauw University, located in the City of Greencastle known as “The Greatest
College Town”, partnered with the City to transform the entrance to their
campus through the Stellar Grant program awarded through the State’s
partnership of INDOT, IHCDA, and OCRA. The Stellar Grant looked to transform
the City of Greencastle and connect the downtown area to DePauw
University. As part of this, Anderson Street was transformed from a closed
in street with overgrown trees, overhead power lines, crumbling sidewalks,
off street parking, and one way away from campus to a tree lined street
that emphasized the pedestrian corridor, enhanced the historic district, and
signaled the entrance to DePauw University by way of a brick monument
gateway at the intersection with the state highway, Bloomington Street.

Client: DePauw University and City of Greencastle

Completion Date: 2012