Great Falls Clinic Hospital Opening

Date: January 29, 2016

When the Great Falls Clinic first opened its doors in Montana, it operated mainly as a surgical center, where joint replacements and other in-patient procedures were performed.  In recent years, the facility has expanded from a surgical center to a medical and surgical center.

On January 5th of this year, the community welcomed a new look with expanded services. The opening of the new Great Falls Medical Center Hospital addresses some efficiency and space issues of the previous facility. The state of art 65,000 square-foot hospital includes a 19-bed patient unit, operating rooms, procedure rooms, and an emergency department. While the previous hospital has served the community well, this replacement facility has enhanced the ability to deliver quality care to the local patient population.

The Cripe team is proud to have been engaged in the past 2 years of the development of this new location.  Providing design solutions through medical equipment planning was just one key component of this project.  The hospital boasts cutting-edge equipment such as house wide telemetry monitoring, new imaging equipment, automated medication delivery process, and industry leading Operating Rooms.

As the ribbon was cut at the recent grand opening, not a dry eye was in the room.  The community has embraced the new facility with open arms, in light of the recent passing of leading physician Dr Peter Horst.  Staff, family, friends and the community celebrated not only Dr Horst involvement in the planning of the facility, but the accomplishments of all parties involved.

OR 1Patient Room 1 Lab 1