Coxhall Mansion

Coxhall Mansion Renovation

Services Provided: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Interior Design, Survey

Completion Date: January 1, 2012

This project involved the renovation of the existing 16,000 square foot home of the estate owner, Jesse and Beulah Cox.  The resulting renovation will provide a museum and add another meeting space to the already developed Coxhall Gardens.  The original basement and three level structure is full of antique furniture and has several multi-functional spaces. Through the renovation we will be upgrading the existing facility to the current building codes for life safety and accessibility reasons. Through the removal of the existing garage we will be able to add on an elevator and stair tower as well as a new 100 person gathering space with access to other outdoor gathering areas.  A parking area with green design initiatives will be provided to the south of the mansion.

Client: Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department
Completion Date: 2012
Construction Cost: $2 million