Lawrence Village at the Fort

Date: April 3, 2012

Lawrence Village is a mixed-use planned unit development located on 165 acres in the area formerly operated as an army base known as Fort Harrison. The area was being redeveloped as the new core of the City of Lawrence with an emphasis on Low Impact Design (LID) and “green design” concepts and elements. The concept of the project is to recreate an urban development similar to downtown areas in other cities. The streetscapes incorporate a significant number of trees and plant material as well as rain gardens. To facilitate the marketability of the proposed sites, some buildings have been demolished and infrastructure master planning has been completed.  Cripe Architects + Engineers designed the first phase of the roadway infrastructure consisting of 1.25 miles of roadway. Existing roadways comprising 0.95 miles are being widened and reconstructed with the remaining 0.30 miles being new roads. New storm sewer systems accompany the curb and gutter, streets and sidewalks along with relocation and reconstruction of sanitary sewers and water mains. The new sewers will facilitate usable parcel development as well as reduce clear water discharges to the system by eliminating infiltration and inflow. Project amenities being incorporated into the infrastructure plans are a central plaza and a park area with a pond and the creation of a ravine park which restores a waterway in a park setting which also serves a stormwater management function.

Client: Fort Harrison Reuse Authority
Completion Date: 2011
Construction Cost: $8.5 million