Mike’s Carwash New Prototype

Services Provided: Architecture

In progress: January 1, 2012

Cripe worked with Mike’s Carwash to develop a new prototype that would modernize their image.  In the design process Mike’s had requested a few key components that were important for us to incorporate and consider.  Their main objective was to have an architectural feature that not only represented their image, but gave a proper placement for their signage/logo.  Our solution was creating a tower at the main entrance that not only had a unique top element, but also used materials that were eye catching.  The height of the tower was kept proportional to the building while placing the signage above the overall building height.  The overall look of the building was kept simple with clean lines and material choices that resonated with the intended use of the building.  The last objective was to do all of this while not increasing the cost of the building.  We were able to meet this requirement by selecting the appropriate materials that would last in an carwash environment and placing the emphasis on higher end materials in the areas that would have the highest impact to create their new image.

Client: Mike’s Carwash Inc.
Completion Date:  In progress
Construction Cost: $