ONB Energy Management

Date: March 28, 2012

The Challenge:
Old National Bancorp broke ground on its new 251,000 square foot facility in downtown Evansville, Indiana in June 2002. Completed in 2004, ONB’s headquarters included many green building features in its innovative design, such as use of a day lighting system where based on the amount of ambient light, the light fixtures are dimmed accordingly, and an MOLS 9mini-optical light shelves) system that reflects sunlight into the open room floor plan. Although the design intent of the building was to make use of the light along the river setting to produce a more natural environment for workers, and reduce energy consumption, the actual results were opposite of the design intent. During the course of normal business hours, the amount of glare and heat gain resulting from the sun made much of the facility virtually inhabitable.

The Solution:
Old National Bancorp reached out to Cripe Energy + Facility Advisors to help identify a solution to provide a more suitable indoor environment. During the evaluation process, Cripe recognized that not only was indoor comfort a serious issue, but the excessive solar gain caused unnecessary stress to the HVAC system and dramatically increased energy costs. Cripe began work by optimizing the Building Automation and HVAC control systems, while a proper indoor solar window film product was selected and tested to control the solar gain. After months of trials throughout the facility and test readings to determine the impact on building energy use, a proper product was selected and installed throughout the entire facility in just under five weeks.

Client: Old National Bancorp
Completion Date: March, 2012
Project Cost: $365,437
Yearly Energy Savings: $116,722
Return on Investment: 3.13 years

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