Cripe is Solutions by Design Since 1937

Cripe is Architecture 

Cripe is Civil Engineering 

Cripe is Land Surveying + Construction Engineering

Cripe is Equipment Planning

Cripe is Real Estate Service

Cripe is Design at its best


Our history is simple, yet profound.


Cripe was founded as a survey firm by Paul I. Cripe in 1937 and expanded to include architecture and civil engineering in the 1940s. Now employee-owned, Cripe is a leading Indiana Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) multi-disciplinary design firm.

We are headquartered in Indianapolis with professional staff working remotely in multiple states across the country. We wear our history with pride.

We are 86 years young and like any built environment the quality, sustainability, and strength of its foundation are integral to longevity and purpose.

Mr. Cripe understood that to holistically serve our clients, delivering innovative design solutions was not the whole picture. He believed a firm must embody the core values of AccountabilityIntegrity and Community Service. This valued blueprint brought into being The Cripe Way (Accountability), Cripe Leadership Model (Integrity) and Cripe Charitable Foundation (Community Service).

Walk the Talk

Every team member knows the story of the watch. In the early years, Mr. Cripe pawned his prized pocket watch to meet payroll. The watch – a living reminder of true servant leadership and accountability– sits in our CEO’s office today. When Mr. Cripe said, “If It is to be, it’s up to me” – he meant it – and so do we.

What does all this mean to you?

Whether your opportunity began on the back of a napkin, a referendum or a prototype, Cripe has the talent and ability to creatively and cost-effectively solve your design problem and generally make your life easier. Our diverse experience, coupled with our celebrated project management skill sets, allows us to consistently deliver successful outcomes to our clients.