It’s January 32nd here at Cripe and this morning we kicked off our Cripe Huddles.

Just kidding! We know there’s no such thing as January 32nd, but due to the inclement weather this week we were unable to host the Cripe Huddle on the last Wednesday of the month like we intended. So, we’re pretending today is still January.

Even with the best corporate communications, there is always room for growth. Cripe Huddles sprang from the belief that it is important to gather as a group as often as possible. We love to get together and share ideas and the Cripe Huddles are one more way that we can do that on a regular basis.

Employees from every department gather for the inaugural Cripe Huddle.

Inspired by TedTalks, these Huddles are short, but packed with valuable information. Cripe employees are busy! But everyone can spare fifteen minutes to learn something and to be involved in a company that takes its corporate culture so seriously.

While the first huddle was headed up by Kara Hensley, Vice President of Talent + Brand, and Cathy Erwin, Vice President of Finance, that won’t be the norm. These huddles will be a forum for employees at all levels to stand before their colleagues and share what they’ve been working on and knowledge they’ve acquired.

This morning, the Cripe Huddle consisted of three five-minute sessions. Employees got an overview of what they can expect from these huddles, an overview of 2019’s sales and revenue goals for the company, and the recruitment goals for the company.

Cripe employees are busy, so timekeeping was taken very seriously!

On January 9, 2018, it was announced that Cripe had become an employee owned company. Lifelong learning has always been important at Cripe and with the announcement that employees have become owners – it became more important than ever.

These Huddles will be a way to continue with the transparency that has long been a staple of the Cripe culture as well as to encourage the different departments to interact and share what they have been learning and about the various projects happening across departments.

Cripe has never been complacent and the Cripe Huddles very clearly convey that the company has no intention of settling into routines that have always worked. At Cripe, employees across all departments and levels of experiences are constantly “Teaching the Why.”

At Cripe, we are open to new ways of doing and thinking. This is true across departments and project processes, as well as our corporate culture. In everything done at Cripe, there is always a strong commitment to our employees and their professional growth.

Companies cannot grow and attract top talent without an open-mindedness and willingness to try new things and Cripe knows this.

Creating a work environment that feels like a team is a value that permeates throughout the entire company. All voices need to be heard whether that is in regards to a department specific project or an opinion on how Cripe can continue to evolve its company culture and keep employees engaged and excited.

In 2018, Cripe was named as one of the “Best Places to Work in Indiana” for the 8th time and was also inducted into the Best Places to Work in Indiana Hall of Fame. There are many reasons for being included in this list, but a top factor is the open-mindedness throughout Cripe as well as the ever evolving and growing culture component, as evidenced by the Cripe Huddles.

2019 will be a year of growth in many factors for Cripe. Stay tuned to our social media channels to see all that we accomplish, learn, and experience this year!