Earlier this month, Cripe was recognized by the Indiana Chamber as one of the Best Places to Work in the state. This is the 9th year we’ve received this honor, in addition to being inducted to the Hall of Fame in 2018.

After our annual Chili Cookoff earlier this week, it’s not hard to see why our employees enjoy working here so much. There were a record number of entries this year and the usual amount of competition; each department claiming that they were going to win.

Chili cookoff hopefuls

In the end, Civil Engineering produced 5 out of the 6 winners, but that’s neither here nor there.

If you’d like to try out our winning recipes the traditional category winner was Mother’s Chili and the vegetarian winner was Some O’ This Some O’ That Vegetarian Chili.

Our winners: Susan and Jennifer

So what’s the recipe for being included in the Indiana Chamber’s Best Places to Work list?

Gather employees and utilize clients as judges of the cookoff. It’s an opportunity to move the discussions away from projects to family life, hobbies, and other common interests.

We want our clients to know not only the team with whom they’re working, but also the company as a whole. Our judges were included in not only taste testing and choosing a 2019 winner, but also spending time with team members they already knew and being introduced to countless others.

The hardworking judges

Without our wide array of clients and the relationships we nurture with them, Cripe would not be the employer that it is. Building strong relationships and communication is the foundation of what we do with our clients at Cripe. We find that this allows us to best serve both our clients and employees. There are rarely mixed messages or crossed wires when both Cripe employees and clients feel as though they can reach out and be heard not only by teammates, but by friends.

From the beginning of any client relationship or new project, Cripe employees make two commitments. One is the Client Service Commitment which is a promise from the project managers to the client. We promise to communicate regularly, be a client advocate, and to adhere to extremely high professional standards throughout the process.

The other model is the Cripe Way Commitment. This lays out what clients can expect from the process including scheduling and quality control among many other aspects.

We place great importance on “breaking bread” with clients and inviting them to be a part of our employee gatherings. It adds another dimension to the client relationship and brings a level of comfortability when working on projects.

On the outside, the designation of being one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana seems like it is solely about the company, but that’s just not the case with Cripe. Without the clients we work with and their willingness to be a part of our team (even at a Chili Cookoff) it would be difficult to be included as a Best Place to Work in Indiana.