High Definition Surveying explained

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Many people have heard the terms 3D laser scanning, 3D Surveying, or High Definition Surveying, but exactly what do those terms mean?  Do they mean the same thing?  What is it all about?  Is it magic?  Smoke and mirrors?  Not exactly.  Indeed, mirrors are involved, but this is definitely no illusion.  To me, all of the above terms can be used to describe the same cutting edge surveying technique.  Throughout this blog I’ll refer to the term High Definition Surveying (HDS).


HDS is a non-invasive method of collecting data.  Narrow beam lasers capture positional data at speeds of up to hundreds of thousands of points per second, at an accuracy within several millimeters.  Along with the scan data, 360° digital photographs are also acquired of every site.  In the office the resulting dense “point cloud” can be viewed and transformed into a three dimensional model of the site.  Taken together, this data provides a highly accurate digital record of the site, with a point density simply unavailable through other methods.

With this non-intrusive technology, data can be acquired quickly and safely.  Previously dangerous environments, such as busy highways, can now be scanned efficiently with a much smaller risk to our surveyors as compared to conventional surveying methods.  Also, previously inaccessible places can now be easily acquired through the use of HDS.  The uses for this technology are virtually endless.  Look for more detailed aspects of HDS in this space in the near future.

Cripe recognizes that innovative technology is a key component to success and is proud to announce the offering of High Definition Surveying services.  Contact Cripe to see how HDS can benefit your organization.

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