The Equipment Planning Team Traveled to Arizona

Equipment Planning and Beyond

The Equipment Planning team traveled to Phoenix, AZ to attend the 8th Annual Attainia Community Summit (ACS).  The community consists of hospitals, medical equipment planners, suppliers, GPOs, and services providers that use Attainia in their respective roles. 

While taking in the 95+ degree weather and the beautiful landscape, we were able to connect with Attainia users to learn how this powerful tool is used in other organizations.  The four day summit was jam packed with sessions that were much more than lectures, they were interactive discussions.  All participants were able to voice their opinions, concerns, requests and suggestions as it relates to the Attainia software itself and the future of healthcare as it relates to supply chain, procurement and clinical engineering as a whole. 

One very unique feature of the ACS was the opportunity for hands on education.  Attainia provided several training sessions for each software module they offer.  One of my favorite parts of ACS was the one-on-one learning lab.  It was manned daily with awesome Attainia IT staff that were open, willing and patient enough to answer any and all questions.  They even took the time to demonstrate how specific aspects of the software can work for specific projects.

Arguably, the best parts of the conference were the evening activities!  There were networking opportunities each night.  Our team connected with people from as far away as the UK and Canada and reconnected with people we partner with locally.  Best of all, we able to put faces with a names of all of the Attainia staff we have done webinars with and sent countless emails to.

Attending ACS was an information filled experience.  We look forward to applying what we have learned so that we can continue to give our clients impeccable service and be the company of first choice.

Written By:  Shawnita Washington

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