October is the anniversary month of Cripe becoming an employee owned firm in 2017. We take pride in sharing this with our clients and partners as it means they are always working with an invested owner, who is committed to the success of the project and our firm.

To give you some more insight on this, members of our Culture Committee, a group who ensure that Cripe is not just a firm, but a family, explained what it means to them to be employee owned.

Susan Norris, EI
Design Associate | Civil Engineering

Being employee owned means that everything we do impacts the company and our co-workers, not just ourselves. It allows for a better sense of community and a less selfish work environment. People are able to see their impacts to the company, and therefore always try and put their best foot forward.


What being employee owned means to me is that going to work is more than just earning a paycheck. I’m working not only for the company but I’m also working for myself, and my teammates. It makes us all feel invested in the success of the company, because we literally are. The company’s success is our success. When I first interviewed for my career in my last semester of college, one of Cripe’s competitors said that it’d be very hard to ever become an owner there, and at Cripe now I am!

Paul Klodzen
Director | Land Survey

Matt Amore, AIA, NCARB
Project Manager | Architecture

I think the main message that it sends to our clients is that everyone that works at Cripe is personally invested in making sure we’re as successful as possible. It shows that there is a level of accountability within the firm because not only are we accountable to leadership, but we’re also accountable to each other. That’s always been the case at Cripe, but it’s an outward reinforcement of that ideal.

Susan, Paul, and Matt said it best. When you’re working with any member of the Cripe team, you’re working with an owner who is invested not only in their firm’s success, but the success of their teammates and their clients and partners.

This is amazing for those clients and partners, but it is also amazing for Cripe. The culture that being employee owned has fostered amongst the firm is incredible to witness and even more amazing to be a part of as an employee and owner. For more information on joining our team, please visit our Careers page.